"If You're a Homeowner I Will End
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Thank you so much for wanting to learn more about protecting you and your family's greatest asset - Your Home!

My name is Duncan, and I am the proud owner of Chem-Dry. Maybe you've seen our advertisements or our vans. We're the company that boasts...

"The Cleanest, Fluffiest, Healthiest, Longest Lasting Cleaning You've Ever Seen...

(More on that in a minute!)

   Your probably wondering, why on earth would I put a photo of a child playing with blocks on our companies cleaning website?

    The simple truth is, our children and grandchildren are as precious as life itselfEvery chemical we clean our house with, every contaminate we don't remove, effects us all in various ways.

     PUT YOUR MIND AT EASE! - Look, life is hectic! It is impossible to do everything you need to get done in a day! (i understand) That is why I put together this FREE friendly report, just for you!

"The Homeowners ULTIMATE Piece of Mind, Cleaning Problem Prevention Report"

     IN THIS SPECIAL FREE REPORT...  I cover every detail you will ever need, to make sure you get the HEALTHIEST and BEST CLEANING, for you and your family, at the best price.  After all, your home, your valuables, carpet, upholstery and more are at risk every time a stranger or unfamiliar company enters your home - WHY RISK IT?

    So to answer your question, the picture of my children is a constant reminder of how safe the cleaning solutions we use are, as well as what an important job myself and staff have to make your home a safe place to live and play.


My Cleaning Company Isn't For Everyone!

     In fact I've turned many potential customers away, because they did not meet the standards we were looking for in a customer.  Now that may sound arrogant or unbelievable, but it is a fact!

     Here's the thing, if your looking for a cheap, quick, get a bit of the dirt out or move it around cleaning, then i respectfully ask you to stop reading!  Our company is not for you!

    However, if you want to experience a cleaning service where you have the "Red Carpet" rolled out for you, and create a totally risk free environment followed up by quality control measures and complete guarantees to ensure you and your family are protected, both financially and health wise, then you are welcome to read further!

     I'VE SPENT YEARS developing a company and a system to ensure that my customers are thrilled with my service.  That is why I created...

"The Homeowners ULTIMATE Piece of Mind, Cleaning Problem Prevention Report"


  • What you need to look for before hiring any cleaning company or at least before you let them enter your home!
  • The various cleaning methods available, along with the pros and cons of each - to help you decide which system is best for you!
  • Information about harmful mould and moisture concerns & indoor air quality in your home
  • As well, I tell all in my juicy insider information area, things you wouldn't possibly know or imagine! and more!

As you can see, my FREE CONSUMER REPORT is a must have, but to prove to you just how serious I take my cleaning, with my consumer report I'll even throw in...

for 100 sq.ft. of FREE Carpet cleaning

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"ChemDry is the best carpet cleaning company around! I will use no one else!"

-Marguerite Sarson

"I was debating about replacing the carpets in my son's room but decided to call ChemDry first before going through the headache of renovations. And I could not be happier! Chemdry saved me alot of money! Thanks again and I will keep using you guys!"

-Krista Meagher

"I've never used ChemDry before but we had spilled some red wine on our carpets and were very pleased with the fast and effective service we received. From the polite person that answered the phone to the extremely knowledgeable tech that came to our house; for these reasons and more we will always use Chemdry from now on!"

- Darryl Warren

"My carpets were in a horrible state after we got a new puppy and ChemDry came in and made them look good again. They even got rid of all the bad smells."

- Tony Stevens

"As always, everything turned out awesome, the store looks great!"

- Jim - owner Iris Flowers

"Everything turned out fantastic! And the technicians were very professional."

- Tony Weeks

"It brought the life back to the carpets and we were very pleased. We love the vacuum system used before the cleaning, we could see all the dirt being extracted before any cleaning was done."

- Rob and Sue Ryan

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